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Featuring Mark Lanegan, Joseph Arthur, Matthew Ryan, Sounds Like Violence, My Jerusalem, Susan Marshall, Zykos, Wussy, The Gin Riots, Mighty Fine, Sonny Oaks, Chess Club and The Domani International

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includes covers of even more Afghan Whigs songs!

When we first solicited recordings for the Afghan Whigs tribute album, we were overwhelmed with the response. There were a number of songs that we loved but just couldn't fit onto the album. We're pleased to present our favorite non-album tracks available for download.

Silver Bridge Disaster: “Gentlemen”

sbdWhen planning this album, it was always our intention to include a young Cincinnati band. While it didn’t work out that Silver Bridge Disaster’s contribution made its way to the final track listing, it stuck with us as a reminder that Cincy’s music scene is still very much alive and thriving.

Named for the 1967 Ohio River bridge collapse that took 46 lives, SBD takes its local roots seriously. However, they injected their take on “Gentlemen” with a good bit of irreverence and fun, making the song their own. The two-pronged Prog guitar duel at the 2:05 mark will bring a smile to your face.

Silver Bridge Disaster - Gentlemen

From a Great Height: “Conjure Me”

From a Great HeightFrom a Great Height is a Los Angeles band fronted by vocalist Shelly Om.

Truth be told, if I was going to do this project all over again, I’d put together an Afghan Whigs tribute record with all-female singers. It’s fascinating to hear Greg Dulli’s lyrics re-interpreted by the female voice. That evocative convergence can also be heard with Marcy Mays on “My Curse” and Susan Marshall on “Going to Town.”

From a Great Height’s debut album, … bathed in light… is available now.

From a Great Height - Conjure Me

Forcefield ON: “You My Flower”

forcefieldForcefield ON recorded a striking version of “You My Flower” – one of the standout tracks of Up In It, the Afghan Whigs’ debut album.

I have to admit, this was a grower for me. The first time I heard the horns come in, I almost swerved off the road. Since that first listen, I’ve grown increasingly attached to the way the band combines the maliciousness of the lyrics with a sugar-sweet vocal delivery and a layered, often complex instrumentation.

You can buy the band’s music through their Myspace page. Be sure to catch them live when they play in and around their home base of Long Beach, CA.

Forcefield ON - You My Flower

Farewood: “Summer’s Kiss”

farewood2Farewood hails from Meriden, CT and the city’s decay informs the band’s sound and aesthetic. Influenced by the Afghan Whigs (along with Sonic Youth & Dinosaur Jr) Farewood brings a raw guitar crunch and alternating male/female vocals to complement their atmospheric harmonies and production.

Farewood - Summer's Kiss

Whitetrashparty: “My Enemy”

whitetrashpartyWhitetrashparty is just the band I was hoping to come across when we started soliciting music for the tribute album. I knew there had to be musicians in working bands that were as passionate about the Afghan Whigs as I am. These guys are such fans that they named themselves after the Whigs’ first single and recorded their own versions of 3 classic Whigs songs.

For this bonus tracks series, I chose Whitetrashparty’s cover of “My Enemy”. It’s a vicious song lyrically with a killer set of hooks and riffs. Whitetrashparty plays it close to the original, which in this case is a very good thing. And while WTP is able to recreate much of the trademark Whigs sound, know that their original music parlays that aesthetic to their own unique lyrics and melodic sensibility. Do yourself a favor and check them out.

You can buy music from Whitetrashparty at their website or stream tracks at their Myspace page.

Whitetrashparty - My Enemy

Danny Saul: “What Jail is Like”

dannysaulManchester’s Danny Saul (Myspace | Website) recorded a simple, poetic version of “What Jail is Like”, changing the propulsive rhythm of the original for the subtlety of arpeggio-driven acoustic picking.

“What Jail is Like” garnered more submissions than any other song in the Afghan Whigs’ catalog. Danny’s was by far the most subversive and stylistically unique take of those we received and has become a personal favorite.

Danny Saul - What Jail is Like

Skibunny: “Miles is Ded”

skibunnyPerhaps more appropriately labeled as a recreation of "Rebirth of the Cool" - the first remix in the Afghan Whigs' official canon - Skibunny (Website | Myspace) close out our bonus tracks series with a fun, uptempo party version of the classic song.

The Whigs never shied away from dance versions of their songs, later releasing a 12" remix of "Somethin' Hot". Keeping with that tradition, "Belfast's no.1 remixers, promoters and commotion causers" (via NME) create a fitting update to the versatility of the Afghan Whigs.

Skibunny - Miles Iz Ded